I am lucky to have a broken heart

I am lucky to have a broken heart.

I am lucky to have a broken heart Journal Watercolors  watercolor artist thankfulness puerto rico photo blogger law of attraction inspirational gratitude broken heart artist blogger

I am lucky to have fallen so in love with someone and to have my heart broken into a million pieces. Lady luck was looking out for me. The fact that I had to finally walk away from a toxic person that I loved is a blessing.

Because the reality is, it can be so much worse considering the world right now.


While I am sitting here in the comfort of my workout clothes crying about my sad, broken heart…

People are crying over the fact that their loved one left to go to a country music festival and ended up in a pile of bodies. They are holding on to their lives in the hospital because they took a bullet while singing their hearts out to Jason Aldean. There is a child sitting terrified at the memories of watching people get shot around them while they were enjoying their family’s time together at a country music festival.

There are people that in just a matter of hours lost their entire home, possessions, pets and are left with nowhere to go. People burned alive today because they were trapped and could not escape in time. People’s lifelong businesses are nothing but ash. Families are scared to fall asleep tonight in fear that the fires will find them in the night.

The whole damn island of Puerto Rico is fighting for their lives.

So yes, I am so grateful to have my heart be completely broken right now.  In a world where so many people are feeling absolutely hopeless, I have the ability to be filled with such hope.


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