Drive, drive, drive.

ut It’s that time of year again that I spend several days a week driving to beautiful locations. Which means it’s a lot of hours in a car alone with nothing but music keeping me company. Turns out its such good company that on these drives I would always find a reason to go off my route home so that I can find some hidden beauties for the sake of finding beauty.

There is something about driving without direction that is so freeing. In a year of change, I’ve spent a lot of time driving down old roads with no direction other than what looked good at the time. Sometimes I have just left my house on a dreary afternoon just to drive in whatever direction that called to me. A few hours later I am back home after a long date with the road and my radio, and my heart is ready to focus.  The anxieties have a habit of flying out the window if you drive fast enough.

Pick a direction. Get completely lost. End up exactly where you were supposed to be all along. 

I don’t know if you need help finding direction in such a messy world. What works for me might not work for you. But if you need a place to start, I recommend jumping in the car with no GPS and see what happens.

Drive, drive, drive. film photography Journal  artist blog art blogger advice for artists   Drive, drive, drive. film photography Journal  artist blog art blogger advice for artists

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Stupid Fan art and the happiness it can bring you

If I was to tell you that art saved my life it wouldn’t be a dramatization. If I didn’t have art, I wouldn’t know who I am. The funny part of the fact that art became such a huge piece of me is that it was the silliest thing that made me interested in it, to begin with – Fan Art.

It wasn’t serious. It wasn’t with any intention than of coloring and creating little tributes to my favorite characters. It brought me an immense joy to see one of my finished little fan arts. No matter the situation that was going on in my home my art supplies and love of these fandom characters really gave me a peace.

As I got older, I let my ego get in the way and told myself “adults don’t do fan art. I do real, serious art”. I stopped my little fan arts. Then photography came into my life and all traditional mediums as I knew it fell out of my scheduled time. It was all about photographs.

In my quest to doing things that I enjoy for the sole purpose of the fact they make me happy, I started doodling my favorite characters again.  It was just fun. I got to hang out with myself and put down the phone, stopped looking through e-mails, and disconnect for awhile and just enjoy creating fun little tributes to my favorite nerdoms again. The hours I used to spend scrolling the internet for more mindless memes, self-esteem sucking articles pretending to be self-help articles,  and cat videos were now made to paint copious amounts of Harley Quinn Fan Art. Did I need to paint her four times in the last two months?  It doesn’t really matter- it was making me happy.

And that’s something that I really needed some more of. Some good happy feelings for the sake of being happy.  Doing something just for me to make me happy.  It’s a pretty simple concept I’ve been ignoring for work, facebook likes, and hours of overthinking my insecurities.

Do things that make you happy when everything sucks. Something just for you that you only need you for. Be Happy. Life is pretty cool when you just let yourself be happy. 

Stupid Fan art and the happiness it can bring you Drawing Journal  harley quinn batman the animated series batman fan art

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